Industrial System Engineering

Sunny Limited

 Bio Gas Compression 

W/Air Driven Booster/Diaphragm Compressor
It compresses refined biogas fermented from organic waste, such as garbage, sludge and plant waste, and can feed natural gas vehicles or generators. Biogas is thought of as the next alternative energy source. The system can include a PSA/gas cylinders. 

 Mobile Hydrogen Refilling Units/Stations 

W/Haskel hydraulic driven gas booster:
A compact mobile hydrogen station with a 40MPa or 90MPa booster and the other valves and fittings, adopted by JHFC. 

 Stationary Hydrogen Refilling Unit/Stations 

W/Fluitron metal diaphragm compressor, USA:
It refills with hydrogen gas pure and unadulterated generated from hydrogen generator, such as PSA. It can be made into a fully automated remote control system.
Ex. Suction pressure: 0.5MPa, Discharge Pressure: 40MPa, Flow Rate: 50Nm3/h 

 Gas Boosting System for Foam Layering Electric Wiring 

Air Driven Booster/Electric Diaphragm Compressor
With a Nova diaphragm compressor it sends high-pressure nitrogen gas for layering electric wiring, is capable of delivering 0-138MPa, and portable with a carrying handle and casters. This Nova compressor unit has many other applications. Please contact us for your intended fluid and application. 

 Mobile Extreme Pressure for Gas/Liquid 

Air Driven System:
With a Haskel air driven gas booster it delivers up to 165MPa, up to 700Mpa for liquid, for extreme pressure gas refilling, gas tight testing, or pressure testing, and it comes with a carrying handle and casters. Made to order for your requirements. Please contact us.